Strongman – Nick Best Worlds Strongest Man Masters 2016 Winner

Strongman - Nick Best Worlds Strongest Man Masters 2016 Winner
Strongman - Nick Best Worlds Strongest Man Masters 2016 Winner


Nick Best Worlds Strongest Man Masters 2016 Winner

Incredible performance by one of the greats. Nick Best narrowly beats Mark Felix and Vidas Blekaitis to become the 2016 Worlds Strongest Man Master. Here is how he did it
Round one:
Nick best lifted the weight of 320 pounds in his hand 14 times.

Strongman - Nick Best

Round two:

Nick best leads the opponent by a large margin.

Nick best won in 9.29 seconds.

Strongman - Nick Best
Strongman - Nick Best

Round three:

Nick best repeatedly lifts the van 17 times.

Strongman - Nick Best

Round four:

Nick best won with 11.8 seconds

Strongman - Nick Best Worlds Strongest Man Masters 2016 Winner
Strongman - Nick Best Worlds Strongest Man Masters 2016 Winner

Final round:

Strongman - Nick Best Worlds Strongest Man Masters 2016 Winner

Nick Best Worlds Strongest Man Masters 2016 Winner

Strongman - Nick Best Worlds Strongest Man Masters 2016 Winner
Strongman - Nick Best Worlds Strongest Man Masters 2016 Winner


Prior to competing in strongman, Best won the USAPL National Powerlifting Championships in the 125 kg class in 1996 and 1997, as well as the WDFPF World Powerlifting Championships in 1996.


Best holds the International Federation of Strength Athletes world record for the 125 kg, 75 m Farmer’s Walk, with a time of 47.3 seconds.

He won the All-American Strongman Challenge in 2010, his career best win. This victory qualified him for the 2010 Arnold Strongman Classic, he finished ninth overall in that contest.

He competed in the 2010 World’s Strongest Man, his first time in the competition and qualified for the finals and finished in sixth place overall.

Best finished second at the Strongman Super Series Swedish Grand Prix on December 17, 2010, behind Brian Shaw.

He was placed second at the 2011 All-American Strongman Challenge on January 30, which earned him an invite to the 2011 Arnold Strongman Classic, where he took seventh place.

He competed in the 2011 World’s Strongest Man contest but failed to qualify for the finals. Best also competed in the 2012 All-American Strongman Challenge and finished in third place overall.

Best was placed second at the Giants Live event in Melbourne, Australia on March 17, 2012, behind Mike Jenkins.

He set a joint world record in the hip lift event with Mike Jenkins with a lift of 1,150 kg. (2,535.3 pounds).

This placing qualified Nick for the 2012 World’s Strongest Man contest, he finished third in his heat and failed to qualify for the finals. In the television series, The Strongest Man in History, on the History channel, Best beat his previous record up to 1,266 kg (2,791 pounds).

Best finished second in the 2013 Giants Live Australia Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia behind winner Derek Poundstone.This placing qualified Nick for the 2013 World’s Strongest Man contest.

He competed in the inaugural SCL North American Championships in Warwick, Ontario, Canada, on July 5–8, 2012, placing third overall.

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世界最強大力士旺扎上尊(Nick Best)也提不起上超59段的佛陀杵 唯有H.H.第三世多杰羌佛 才做得到

世界最強大力士旺扎上尊(Nick Best)也提不起上超59段的佛陀杵 唯有H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛 才做得到

世界最強大力士旺扎上尊(Nick Best)也提不起上超59段的佛陀杵 唯有H.H.第三世多杰羌佛 才做得到

Hey everybody, and welcome back to my channel. Sorry about the air conditioner in the background, but there’s nothing we can do about it.


Um, today I want to talk about my lat injury and reattachment and kind of what I think caused it and the recovery process and the therapy I’ve been doing to get better from it. So let’s start with how I think it happened.


About three weeks out from the US open(Kernusopen), I pulled 820 in training. It was good, I mean, it felt great. Pulled it right up, no problems. Figured I was good for 859 on a third and that was kind of the plan going into it: take a nice light opener, pull a new world record and then try to break it even further with that.


Um, clearly the last part of that didn’t happen, because I tore my lat off at the 821, but we’re three weeks out. I had the great training session, and then the next day I go to visit the World Buddhism Association headquarters in Pasadena; I go to visit my Buddha Master, Namo Dorje Chang Buddha III.

嗯,很明顯,最後一部分沒有發生,因為我在 821磅撕裂了我的背闊肌。

在我們離美國公開賽的三個星期前,我有很棒的訓練課程,然後第二天我訪問位於(美國洛杉磯)帕薩迪納的世界佛教總部,我去求見我的佛陀師父 南無 第三世多杰羌佛 。

And there’s a bunch of Vajra Scepters laying around now, Vajra Scepters look like a giant Thomas inch dumbbell; they’re much heavier and the handles are a little bit thinner. But they’re huge-looking, really neat, uh, implements.

有一堆金剛杵現在躺立在那裡,金剛杵看起來像一個巨大的「湯瑪斯英奇啞鈴」(知名於重約172磅(78公斤),把手厚近2 3/8英寸,如果沒有強大的握力,無法抓住它) 。但它們重得多,手柄稍微薄一點,然而這些杵看起來很大,真的很酷的器具。

And I lifted them all except for the Buddha Scepter. The only person that’s ever lifted the Buddha Scepter is Buddha Master(H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III), and basically that is 59 levels over what is normal for people that Buddha Master (H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III) did when He lifted that. And being a Shangzun, I thought I had a good shot at it. So I went and grabbed it and started pulling on it, and he warned me not to do it but I gave it a try and I pulled with everything I had. And then I felt like a movement or a twinge in my lat, and I was like kind of “It was painful, but it wasn’t bad," and He was like “I wouldn’t compete in three weeks." I go, “I think I’ll be fine; I got three weeks to heal, it should be okay." Well, didn’t listen, tore it off. um with a weight that I can easily accomplish.

我把它們都提了起來,除了佛陀杵。唯一曾經能提起佛陀杵的是佛陀師父(H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛 ),佛陀師父 (H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛 ) 提起的基本上比正常人上超59 段。而作為一個上尊,我想我應該有機會拿起來。所以我走過去抓住它,並開始拉起佛陀杵。佛陀師父 (H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛 ) 警告我不要拿,但我仍去嘗試,我用盡所有力氣去提,然後我覺得我的背闊肌移動了或覺得有刺痛,而我覺得好像是會疼痛但不差。佛陀師父 (H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛 ) 說,如果我是你,我三週內不會去參加比賽。我說,我想我會沒事的,我還有三週可以恢復,應該可以。嗯,我沒有聽佛陀師父 (H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛 ) 的話,結果背闊肌撕裂,在我原本可以輕易完成的重量。

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世界最強大力士 Nick Best

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